Scout .com
Scout .com is the scout service of systems engineers, programmers.
When the carrier registration can receive an offer from companies.
Member registration unnecessary. Already have an Excel-based skill sheet can be registered in 30 seconds.
New entry
Address (prefectures) age Years of experience Hope employment
Now the number of registered engineers: 64
Hokkaido 26 years old 1 year Subcontracting
Kyoto 29-year-old Five years Subcontracting Never Said - Carol Lynch Williams
Kanagawa Prefecture 37 years old '15 Regular employee
Osaka prefecture 39-year-old '14 Temporary staff
Okayama Prefecture 25 years old 0 years Regular employee
Tokyo 26 years old 4 years Subcontracting
Osaka prefecture 36 years old '12 Subcontracting
Shizuoka Prefecture 26 years old 3 years Subcontracting
Tokyo 40 years old '16 Subcontracting
Yamaguchi Prefecture 35 years old '12 Subcontracting
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